"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." — B.B. King

Device Care / Acceptable use Policy:

2023-2024 Catalyst Charter Schools Device Agreement      

Accepting the device creates an understanding that you agree to the following conditions:      

    • I will take care of my device/charger, securing it both at home and at school. The device is assigned to me, and I will not use another scholar’s device or leave it unattended.  I will use my device for school and school related tasks only.
    • I will bring my device to school charged each day (8 Hr. charge).
    • I will not apply or remove any stickers/labels to the device. 
    • I will return the device at the end of the year.  
    • If I lose or damage a device, it is my responsibility to let the teacher know by the end of the day. 
    • After, notifying my teacher, I will take my damaged device to the main office only.  
    • If a device is lost or deliberately damaged, then a fee of $100 will be applied and an invoice will be sent to the guardian.  
    • If a charger is lost or damaged, then a fee of $30 will be applied and an invoice will be sent to the guardian.  
    • You can purchase a secondary charger from the school store/ROCKITS at any time.  


Student Responsibilities - Follow the rules

    • Follow all school and class rules for using technology
    • Act responsibly to all—both online and face-to-face
    • Collaborate in positive ways that help you learn
    • Use technology to support an inclusive school community

Stay safe

    • Only use accounts that belong to you.
    • Protect passwords—don’t share them with others
    • Don’t automatically save passwords on school devices
    • Don’t give out personal information online without your parent’s permission
    • Have permission from a parent before meeting anyone in person that you have met only online

Take care of things

    • Respect and care for both:
      • Student work (yours and your peers)
      • Devices

Take care of each other

    • Only download music, photographs, or video if you have permission from your teacher
    • Follow the owner’s instructions for use
    • If you don't know whether you can use something you found online, ask the owner for permission
    • Follow your teacher’s directions for fundraising online
    • See something that is inappropriate, threatening, or unkind? Here is what you can do:
    • Reach out to a trusted adult
    • Email RSalas@catalystschools.org (CSM) or LMiller@catalystschools.org (CCR)

Students who do not act responsibly may face the consequences

 Device Damage     

If your Catalyst Schools property is damaged or stolen please follow this process:

    • IT will review the case for negligence. If found, the corresponding fee listed below will be charged to your account.
    • A replacement pickup date will be scheduled  as soon as possible.
    • Device replacement cost ($75) 
    • Laptop Charger ($30)